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The website design determines how your website will look including everything in it – be it the content, its navigation, its font and colors.

Web site design is the procedure that involves the conceptualization, planning, and building a group of electronic files that make up your website and determine the font, layout, images, structure as well as the use of interactive features. A professional looking web design makes your website seem authentic and credible on the Internet. Web design is the process of creation with the aim to present information about your brand, product, or services on the web pages that the end-users shall be able to access using a web browser.

A good web design is pleasing to the eye, interactive, easy to use and suits the brand. Most of the businesses focus on having a simple layout so that users can conveniently navigate through the different sections of the website. A simple layout is essential so that the user does not get distracted or confused. A good website is an integral part of digital marketing and serves as a keystone that wins and fosters the trust of target audience and removes and does not create any point of frustration or confusion for the users. The two most common website designs are responsive and adaptive design. The content moves dynamically relying on the screen size. In this type of design, the web content is fixed in the layout sizes, which matches the common screen sizes. It is crucial to maintain user trust and engagement and preserve a layout that is consistent between different devices.

Responsive designs could present a bit issues in this that is why web designers have to take a cautious approach in handing over the control of how their work is going to appear on the website.

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